Protect Your Investment

As you set up your business you will want to protect your investment and hard work. Your intellectual property (IP) includes your brand, logo, business documentation, your system, and your website. You will be protecting it from improper use, plagiarism and defamation. You may want to seek additional legal advice for your questions or concerns.


It is used to show ownership. It protects words, names, symbols, services, sounds, etc from those manufactured or sold by others. By placing these things on your site and using it there and on any other business material you have established rights to it and can us the TM (trademark) symbol near your work. To increase your protection and make it easier to go after someone in court you may want to officially register it. After you apply for registration and receive final notification that your mark is register you can use the ® symbol.  Visit the website for the US Patent and Trademark office at


Is a form of intellectual property law that protects original works of author-ship. You do not have to file for copyright protection to claim your written work as yours. The protection is in place at the time you create your work. Filing with the U.S. Copyright Office will give you the ability to file a lawsuit against someone for using your information because you will need the formal certificate of registration as proof of ownership. To copyright something usually cost under $50.  


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