Price Plan for Online Tech Services

Get the online tech services  you need to immediately protect and preserve the functioning of your computer and software with our low flat rates. 

Price Plans for Online Tech Services

      One Time               (1 PC)       $59.99

                                                             (3 PC)        $99.99

       6 month                             (1 PC)        $99.99

                                                             (2 PC)       $199.99

                                                             (3 PC)       $269.99

Ask about our Free Security Software with any AMC

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Online Services includes your choice:


ü  Virus and Spyware Removal - Ebiz is prepared to help you fight  attacks to your computer operation. The two major culprits are Malware which is malicious software used by attackers to gain access to you computer files to restrict and disrupt computer operations and gather sensitive information. The other culprit is Spyware that gathers information from the computer and send it to another entity without the owners’ approval. Defending your information in not optional.


ü  Security software support – Protecting your computer against the many attacks transmitted from the internet is critically important. We can help install, configure or resolve issues and errors of all major security and antivirus software.


ü  General Computer Support – Supporting you and any challenges you have with equipment and software is our expertise. Actually we have listed several here but please don’t let this limit us. Our services far expand this list. Just ask!


ü  General Software Application Support – Due to our knowledge of the internet and major software applications we can offer to help with the install and support that is almost always required as new and improved products roll out.


ü  Increasing speed of your computer – Our professional technicians can increase the speed of your computer that has slowed down over the course of time. We will systematically examine what is going on and resolve the issue quickly.


ü  Printers, Webcams and Camera Services also available – Whether you are having problems installing the software or don’t understand the functions of your device – we can help!  We will put our expertise of technicians to work for you.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our technical support service is guaranteed. If we are unable to resolve any issue you will not be liable to pay any money. You can simply contact us with 2 months and we will refund 100% of the amount paid.

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