Offline Marketing Methods

Offline Marketing keeps the traffic coming. Many times these are more targeted visitors than you generate from the search engines. As an internet marketing agency we make sure you utilize all your resources without large subtractions from your bottom line.

Internet Marketing is more than just being on the internet, it involves a great deal of offline marketing, including email, business cards, brochures, and other outlets. When discussing internet marketing, consultants will school you on knowing how to marketing when you are not readily on your computer.

One of the best examples of emarketing offline is the use of business cards. When you are serious about your business and know your plan, you are able to have your credentials readily available when someone wants to know more about your company. Your card should contain all the ways of getting more information about the business especially the website. The biggest mistakes that small business owners make is not having business cards.

Always be ready with information about your ebusiness

When a person is promoting their business and asking where they can get more information, the tackiest, unprofessional thing is writing your business site on a piece of paper or napkin. Consultants are able to help you know what to write on your cards and how to market yourself to individuals.

You should spread the word about your ebusiness through emarketing on all your business correspondence including Company letterhead or stationery, and Catalogs. Your brand should be consistantly displayed on all correspondance including you email address. You can include it on your phone greeting or put it on your voice-mail message while the customer is on hold. We have all experienced this gentle reminder while on hold in conducting our own personal business. Try It!

Taglines are an important part of internet marketing, it is often not thought about and sometimes can be incredibly useless because business owners have no idea how to use them properly. Just small tweaks to your tagline would make all the difference in developing your website. When crafting a tagline for your business it is important that it is unique and not generic. You will lose visitors if your tagline is the same as Nike, “Just Do It”, or Whataburger, “Have It Your Way” Speak specifically around the core of what your company stands for and how it defines you.


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