Links and Analytics

As a SEO company we want to encourage the development of links and analytics to build your business and traffic. These two things will help guide your strategy in your site development.

The first thing we will look at is linking. Both inbound and outbound connection can be very important in website SEO. If you plan on using Google, as one of your main search engines, Google Algorithms work mainly on them.

Get as many sites to link/connect to you as possible. If possible, ask sites to connect to your pages that provide complementary content. Of course having quality content is also a plus too, which makes it a lot easier for different sites to connect to your work. The better and more reputable the websites are can be a major plus for your search engine optimization marketing. You don't want just anybody linking to you especially because it will not help your rankings or benefit your visitors. Google and other major search engines look at this information.

It is good to have a ebusiness social networking presence, so you can ask certain visitors to communicate with your site. The more linking to pages in your website helps give you a boost in web site search engine optimization.

As a SEO company we encourage you to use anchor text, with keywords in them to help you pop up on search results as well. Make sure you search for broken links, and have the anchor text accurate.

Make good use of Google Analytics. It is not just a good webmaster tool but also a good SEO tool that SEO Marketing Consultants use to track visitors. Analytics can report on what people are looking for in search engines, and the type of keywords being search for. What Google Analytics does is give you data from all your marketing efforts including email, your advertisements, and other efforts. You can track your content, your ecommerce, and give you insight on where your visitors are located and how to target more visitors.

When paired with Google Adwords you can get double the results when developing your ecommerce site. Google Adwords is a part of SEO marketing as well as using Google Adsense. Both can generate traffic and revenue for your website when used appropriately and when customers visit your website.


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