Content Management Systems for Your Ecommerce Website

  It is important to explore content management systems when you do business on the internet, so that you can manage your information, especially when you are dealing with huge amounts of data. Open source software is ideal to properly manage your content. Joomla is a great open source software program that you can use to manage your content. It is used for the creation of online directories, which can target the local community of the business in question. You can use it to sell ads to area vendors. Joomla is made available to you by many web hosting companies.

  Web developers use different types of powerful and flexible content management systems and some of these include:

· Drupal
· Mambo
· PHPNuke

  There are many open source applications available online. Business owners can use them to create social network websites. Actually, there is an online trend that seems to be drifting away from networks such as Facebook and other social media networks toward a friendlier community. What does this do for you as an online business owner? It allows you a chance to find a home for your niche market.

Some of the tools available for doing this include:

· People Aggregrator
· GetBoo
· iSocial
· Mahara
· Yogurt

  Another open source option is discussion forums. There are numerous choices online, one of which is the Snitz Forum. It is user friendly and fast to install. It allows you to provide a place for people of similar interest to connect.

  There are many options for content system features that you can make available on your Ecommerce website. You can provide classified advertising, photo galleries or user-controlled knowledge base.

  In reality, if you were to build your own Ecommerce website utilizing each of the content management systems that were discussed above, you would possibly be busy for an entire year. The good news is that you don’t need to utilize all of them. Obviously, it is going to be a strong consideration to outsource this tedious task to an experienced and professional web design company like Ebiz

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