Finding the Best Website Hosting Services Is Possible

When it comes to finding the best website hosting, many people think it’s impossible. By answering a few key questions, the list of possible web hosts will be cut in half. Then by finding out how well their packages prepare you for doing business will be the deciding factor to see who has the best package.

The Basic Questions

There are some things that business owners want to keep in mind when they are shopping for the best website hosting. These things aren’t hard to understand but they play a huge role in finding the right provider. Business owners should ask each provider the following basic questions:

1. What is your up-time percentage?
2. What is your tech support policy?
3. Do you support E-Commerce websites?
4. What number of emails, FTP accounts or databases are you limited to?

For small businesses, these questions are very important and should be answered immediately rather than not addressed at all.

The Answers
When a hosting company has been asked these things, there are specific answers that should be given. The answers will help determine the quality of service that’s offered by the hosting company and will ultimately decide if the services offered is good enough for to be one of the best website hosting companies.

What’s your up-time percentage?
The up-time percentage is the amount of time that a server is open. When a server is closed, a website can’t be viewed. When investigating a hosting company, the more up-time one has, the more their clients’ websites are visible.

What is your tech support policy?
When it comes to the world of websites, there will be questions that have to be answered. The hosting company that is selected should have a great tech support team in place to answer questions at any time on any day.

Do you support E-Commerce websites?
Most businesses don’t realize how important the shopping cart tools and security are until they have an e-commerce website. When a hosting company doesn't have the space or the tools to help build a secure e-commerce website, it’s not the best hosting company for a business that is dependent upon e-commerce from their website.

What is the number of emails, FTP accounts or databases will you be limited to?
Hopefully, business will expand and there will be a need to add emails and departmental websites. When this happens, it’s always good to know how much can be added without affecting the quality of a business’s website.

When a business owner stops to ask these basic questions, and compare prices they are on their way to finding the best website hosting for their business. 

Additional Support from Host
At this time technology has increase so much that the differences in the Hosting company is not that great. Most people make their decision on a cheap price and end up buying additional modules even before they get started good. This leaves you feeling like you have been tricked.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Cheapies
One of the things that make the difference is how they support you in the process, and the tools they provide to ensure your success on the internet. After reviewing the top 10 hosting companies we recommend Site Build It (SBI) for the best comprehensive package we found. You can order at

Their training is excellent and they are geared to making sure business owners have the tools they need to be successful. You will be impressed with the testimonies, assistance with marketing, building traffic, and social network features. Many site owners reach top rankings. SBI even offers a 30-90 day trial period.

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