The Netpreneur


The netpreneur is the heart of the internet.  They embody what makes America great.  With that in mind, welcome to Ebiz. We are glad you chose us to partner with in making your entrepreneur dreams come to life! Congratulations on your decision to prosper your life. You have arrived at this site for a reason - you are ready to realize your dreams! What has been holding your dreams back? Is it age, education, money, lack of support, start-up costs, or simply time?

Well, no more boundaries!

The term net-preneur refers to the entrepreneur that has an online business. We have developed this section of our site to empower and encourage you. Let this e-business opportunity set you on your way to success! At Ebiz4success our goal is to help you create income streams to finance dreams.

Are you ready to increase your standard of living? Internet or electronic business is the best solution for 90% of those that want to increase their standard of living. Position yourself to be a part of the current and future wave of the billions of people conducting business on-line. says that retail ecommerce sales are forecasted to be 224 billion in 2012 up to 15.4% over 2011. E-business has been proven to be profitable for many. It makes sense that YOU should be a part of this financial explosion.

We want to partner with you as a netpreneur to create an exciting and profitable e-business opportunity. Our goal is to help you accomplish your goal to start and grow your e-businesses. We will walk along side of you and provide resources to you on and off line at little to no cost to you and share in future revenues that we initiate on your site.

 Are you ready to not only dream big, but live big? Then let’s get started on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Ready to Get Started, Let’s Go!

We have packaged some business strategies to help you reach your goal sooner than later. It is designed to lead you step by step to start or expand your very own online business. Businesses that don’t invest in consulting or seeking a mentor struggle with profitability 5 times more than those that do.

There are 3 distinct levels of netpreneur participation, chose the one that serves you best. The explanations are below, choose one now.

Do it yourself-information only obtained from the website.

Do it yourself with partial guidance-and packages to expedite the process.

Full Partnership-We provide training, resources, and mentorship to help you launch, develop and grow your e-business with online and person to person assistance. STARTING JUNE 2013


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