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An Ecommerce Website Designer will be instrumental in helping you make decisions regarding your website. Before you can make a web design or get one made by a Website Designer, you will need a clear vision of what the end result should be like. What's the goal for the site? You or your website designer should create your site so it is easy for the customer to use. Keep it simple and functional.

K.I.S.S – Keep it Simple

Your website presents your case for your product and produces your profit. With that in mind your ecommerce website designer should make sure anything that produces revenue should be easy to access and at the top of the pages.

When creating a website, there are several main elements to be considered and each contributes to the impact and success of your site. The visitors should be pleased with the overall look and feel. Although search engines cannot see the design of the site, the organization and the links would be important for them.

Writing is the most important element: - if this part is wrong, the rest of your efforts are largely wasted. You do not want customer’s to be impressed by your site's initial appearance, only to be disappointed by poor spelling, careless grammar and punctuation? It reflects badly on the site owner and indicates that whoever is responsible for this page, is sloppy, careless, lazy, unprofessional or all of the above! Would you entrust any of your hard-earned money to someone who doesn't even care enough to check the expression of his/her own site?

  • You can take steps to improve your own writing skills
  • You can employ someone to proof read and edit your work
  • You can employ someone to write your pages for you.

Overall look: Your home page is your billboard or store front - it creates an immediate impression on visitors to your site, so it's got to create the right impression ... right?

It should look:    

  • Clean, Uncluttered, Professional, Attractive

You or your website designer will want to decide how many columns it has. You will want to ensure the colors are simple and pleasing to your audience. Usually 2 to 3 complementary colors are best. You will probably also want to spend time on your font choice to make sure it stands out from the page by determining the size, type and color.

Message: Whether you have a ebusiness site or a personal page, you have to give people a reason to stay on your site - we're mercenary little critters, we humans, our first question is always, "what's in it for me?" That doesn't mean that you have to give away free programs, books, tickets or holidays - it does mean that you have to offer something. Quality content will be impressive and motivate your visitors to stay on your site longer and come back more often. That "something" that you offer could be:  

  • Information
  • Entertainment
  • Advice
  • Help with a problem
  • Opportunities to contact similar minded people
  • Links to useful sites

If you do have a business site, you need to give information about your product or service that is: 

  • easy to follow, easy to find, easy to order

Speed: - You must ensure that your home page loads as quickly as possible. That means no big, flashy graphics.

Check out more websites to get more ideals on practical web designs and let us know if we can help. Ebiz is an affordable Ecommerce Website Designer and we are ready and willing to get you started fast.


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