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-          Special Packages- includes help with registering a domain name, securing a host, building the website, loading your site on the host, step by step consultation.                                         AVAILABLE TO BUSINESS OWNERS FOR AS LOW AS $350

$350 for a 3-4 page professional Website that includes Site Design, a couple of pages of SEO content written for the business, 3 images uploaded, and 1 form..

$500 for a 5-8 page professional website that includes Site Design, several pages of SEO content written for the business, 5 images uploaded, and 2 forms.

 Packages Includes Writing Content for Your Site


-         Traffic Generation  - We Guarantee that you will get 120,000 Hits to your site in 3 months. There will be 20,000 hits in 30 days, 40,000 hits in 60 days and 60,000 hits in 90 days. We use the latest technology to form your web presence called Artificial Intelligence (AI).  Your traffic will continue to grow and grow. Current Special - Set up fee waived - only $349 a month

-          SEO - Guarantee we will get you on the first page of the search engine.  Our expert SEO team will work with keywords to increase your visibility to folks searching for your product or services. Look for maximum exposure on the internet with this service. Start our team working for you for $10 and only pay the $300 monthly fee when you are on the first page.

 -        Website Building Only - We will help you design and structure a basic website that will suit your business.  You will provide the content, which we can review and advise. We will get it ready for you to load to your host site.  Updating your website- We will provide face lift suggestions, add or make suggestions with relevant content to increase traffic.  AS LOW $295


-          Recommendations for Hosting- There are many hosting packages available but we will recommend one that best suits your business needs. We will help you choose a host that can expand with you as your business grows, and have the necessary features to help your bottom line.  Don’t be fooled by the freebie.  Get what you need to build your internet business.

Starting at $50


-          Partner Package- We will consult and partner with you to add income producing products on your website to be put on the recommended ecommerce hosting package.  This will ensure you have the tools you need to increase traffic, utilize cost efficient marketing and create profitable income streams for your site. You will always make the final selection for what you want on your website.  Starting at $275

-          Remote Tech Support - Our professional team of techs can provide immediate relief to your computer and software challenges though services designed to protect and preserve the functions of your computer with our value packed tech support services. Starting at $49.99

-          Maintenance Package- Our consultants are ready to maintain and support your business and website goals. After your website has been developed we provide updates, other search engine optimization techniques, and monthly support services for your website.


-          Website Hosting -  We recommend SBI website hosting package because it is a business building package that complements our system and will support your success. The package including hosting is complete with no additional ad-ons!  $299


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