About Us

What you should know about us is that we are serious about doing ebusiness. This is something that the majority of people and businesses can profit from with the right advice and mentoring. After several years of not having the time to put together our e-business concept, we decided we had to sacrifice to make it happen. We pulled together the best practices and design for an eCommerce program that would maximize the net-based entrepreneur’s success in an expedited time frame. Our program would be designed to give them the personal support needed to navigate being an online entrepreneur.

Our Mission is to consult and partner with our clients to ensure they achieved the money streams they desired. Therefore this Seattle-based business would partner with motivated people to help empower them to start and grow e-businesses through support and resources to gain financial independence.

Creative Blessing LLC dba Ebiz is made up of eager business minded people who understand the need to be economically fit right now and in the future. Which is why it is so important for us to work with people who themselves are hard working with high aspirations. We are a diverse company who loves to work with every culture and language in America. We are located at 5816 So 238th Ct. Kent Washington 98032 (800 515-1622)

We are tenacious about financial freedom and enjoy working with those who are filled with tenacity despite their struggles. We believe an opportunity at the right time coupled with people who have not allowed tough times to darken their ideals or motivation, are people who will do well with this e-business opportunity.

We’ve learned that business on the internet is expanding at a rate far greater than brick and mortar businesses. So with that, we desire to give occasion to success by facilitating online business prospects to help increase financial streams for interested people who are ready for change whether expert or novice.

We realize different demographic barriers can exist for people but we also know people all over the planet are experiencing success and financial freedom from their online businesses. We are excited about helping others to overcome barriers and encountering great personal and financial achievement.

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